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Recycled Teak Wood

Teakwood, a close-grain and oil-rich hardwood, is especially stable in its recycled form after being used for decades and is, therefore, an ideal material to produce long lasting furniture pieces. Unlike plantation teak, recycled wood has a truly unique character with each piece having specific variations. Colour differences, knots, holes and cracks are left where nails or bolts were used before. .

We are an eminent organizations in making of high quality Wooden products. We creative ideas to reuse and recycle salvaged wood windows and doors are one of fresh and interesting latest trends in decorating. Our service includes various carpentry work, making of work station and renovation work. Old and tired-looking wood doors and windows can be transformed into new modern interior designed product, which is known for their high quality level and durability and is highly acclaimed for their class and amazing looks. We present wide assortment of wooden products which all come in some of the selective and modern designs. Made from superior quality wood, our carved wooden furniture and wood bedside table are universally appreciated for their superior quality. We maintain and repair interior and exterior wood components such as window frames, doors and frames, walls, floors, decorative molding, etc. Recycled crafts, wood furniture and wall decorations made with Recycle teak wood that gives character to modern interiors and emphasize the uniqueness of room adorning. Our production cycle has sawing logs, drying, gluing, machining, etc.